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January 4, 2018

Avengerz EN


Man Gym Training

8 weeks

What is the AVENGERZ program? AVENGERZ is THE gym training program for those of you who want an aesthetic, shredded and powerful body.

This 8-weeks high intensity training will allow you to develop muscle weight efficiently and quickly.
This complete training program has been created by me to optimize every training session.

You will perform even more effective movements and sequences which will allow you to grow muscle, gain strength, motivation and achieve RESULTS in a minimum of time.
But to do so, you will have to GIVE THE BEST OF YOURSELF.

Are you ready to meet the challenge and make MEEAAAAAT?

This program contains:

Video exercises, series, break times, everything is specified!
Varied and complete training sessions suited to any level.
A clear, specific and efficient training schedule.
Exclusive content, advise, intensification techniques and other updates.
Access to the AVENGERZ contest (to earn the Brave’s reward).
Selfie mode after each training session to follow you evolution!
My current playlist to BOOST you training sessions.


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Program Description:For those of you who want an aesthetic, shredded and powerful body . 8 weeks of high intensity training! Are you ready to meet the challenge? Thanks to this FREE eBook, you will discover the first training day of this program in pdf format.

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