Guusje provides training programs to help everyone achieve their goal up to a healthy lifestyle. Let’s work together towards a stronger & healthier body. You got this!

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Guusje Van Geel

5 years Experience

My name is Guusje van Geel, 19 years old and started my fitness journey at my 14th. Soon I knew this is what I wanted ! This is my passion ! When I was 15 years old, I started working in this gym, started studying hard and received my diploma for fitness instructor at this age. When I was 16 years old I thought it would be fun to share my motivation to achieve a fitness body with everyone on social media. Everyone liked it right away and all were very enthusiastic. On my 17th I started as a personal trainer at MR4PT in my home town in the Netherlands!
When I started there, I also started to study two higher fitness educations: ASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine and Pregnancy & health.
I passionately studied both educations, received my diplomas and continue to develop myself with hard work, pleasure and love for fitness. At this moment I still work fulltime as a personal training, with a lot of love and good results for my clients. I hope that I can help you achieve your goals by means of my specially and carefully developed sports plans. These have worked for me for years and I am sure they work out just as well for you.

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