I found my passion when I began training at 16 years old. Nothing was more important to me than being strong, physically and mentally. I then started to build a physique through my intense training routines and diet program. I went on to win my first show at the age of 19. It was after this show that I stepped it up a level and started to learn the sciences behind training and diet. I wanted to be able to know how to manipulate my body into the shape and physique I wanted as well as write down this knowledge and help others do the same. I have been able to train with top athletes and bodybuilder’s from around the world gathering and learning from them in order to make myself better and my routines better.

I believe in hard work and consistency, whether its to become mentally strong or physically strong I can provide with those tools, all you have to do is execute it.

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  • Get Lean Grow Strong

    Woman Gym Training 8 weeks The "Get lean Grow strong " program offers a progressive multi-level program featuring the most comprehensive mix to date of various intensity...
  • MP Shred

    29,99  24,99 

    Man Gym Training

    8 weeks What is the MP Shred program? The MP Shred is a program designed for anyone who wants to build lean muscle. 8 weeks...

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